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Hammer Gel


Hammer Gel

The natural choice for rock solid energy for two decades

By Brian Frank

Since 1995, Hammer Gel has been unmatched in its ability to provide athletes with sustained energy in an extremely convenient, and tasty, concentrated form - without any refined simple sugars or artificial ingredients, the ingredients in other gels that lead so many athletes to say "energy gels dont work for me." If you've used another brand of energy gel with less than stellar results, consider that it's the ingredients in that brand of gel - not the format itself - that is the problem. Here's what sets Hammer Gel apart.

Hammer Gel

1) Hammer Gels contain NO added, non-beneficial simple sugars.
To enjoy high-quality sustained energy, avoid any fuel that this is composed of or contains simple sugars. Simple sugars end in "-ose" (i.e., glucose, sucrose, fructose, etc.). When you see an "ose" sugar listed on the label, run the other way! Here's why:

Simple Sugars provide inconsistent and short-lived "flash and crash" energy. Riding a roller coaster of energy - feeling great for a few moments, then struggling to overcome an energy rut - is no way to go through workouts or achieve top race results. In addition, sugars require more fluids and electrolytic minerals for absorption and digestion, leading to increased potential for upset stomach, GI distress, and dehydration.

2) Hammer Gels DO contain complex carbohydrates for rock-solid, long-lasting energy.
We use maltodextrin in Hammer Gel, a superior form of carbohydrate energy compared to simple sugars because it delivers steady, predictable energy, instead of flash and crash energy swings caused by simple sugars. Because complex carbohydrates match body fluid osmolality at a more concentrated (15- 18%) solution, they exit the GI tract at the same efficient rate as normal body fluids do. Maltodextrin also raises blood sugar levels fast during and immediately after exercise. With a Glycemic Index (GI) value of 100, Hammer Gel's maltodextrin works as effectively as glucose (also 100) and faster than other simple sugars such as sucrose (58-65) and fructose (12-25). Yet it doesn't cause the rapid drop in energy - that undesirable "peak and valley" effect - you experience when fueling with simple sugars.

3) Hammer Gels are natural, gluten-free, and available in 11 delicious flavors.
Hammer Gels are made only with real fruit and other wholesome ingredients. Just as they have since 1995, Hammer Gels contain no artificial flavors, colors, or ingredients of any kind. With 11 delicious flavors, including our new and extremely popular Peanut Butter Hammer Gel and our latest introduction, Peanut Butter- Chocolate - you're sure to find several to enjoy hour after hour! They're gluten-free, kosher, and vegan-certified, too.

TIP: With 1 gram protein and 2 grams fat per serving, new Peanut Butter Hammer Gel is perfect for ultra-distance events. HN

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