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Energy Crisis


Energy Crisis


Check your gel's label - simple sugar is simply dangerous


The bad news about refined, simple sugar continues to build. With damning new research reported almost daily in the scientific press, youre wise to take a long, hard look at the label of your energy gel.

According to researchers:

  • "There is growing scientific consensus that one of the most common added sugars, fructose, can be toxic to the liver," promoting life-threatening liver disease. ("The Toxic Truth," SugarScience.org)
  • Added sugars (particularly fructose) likely play a greater role in high blood pressure and heart disease and stroke than added salt, say doctors in an analysis of the published evidence. (Open Heart, 2014)
  • When biologists fed mice sugar in doses proportional to what many people eat, high-fructose corn syrup was more toxic than sucrose or table sugar, reducing both the reproduction and lifespan of female rodents. (Journal of Nutrition, 2015)

What you can do:

If the label of your gel says it contains fructose, sucrose (sometimes disguised as cane syrup or honey), or glucose, it contains simple sugar. Besides posing significant, multiple threats to your health, simple sugar causes rapid, performance-ruining swings in energy levels as well as digestive distress.

Instead, rely on Hammer Gel, which contains absolutely no simple sugars. The complex carbohydrate maltodextrin in Hammer Gel delivers sustained energy without the rapid energy spikes and health risks of simple sugars. HN


Hammer Gel is unmatched in its ability to provide athletes with sustained energy in an extremely convenient and tasty, concentrated form.

  • Provides rock solid energy
  • Raises blood sugar levels fast
  • Smooth and easy to digest
  • Natural ingredients, no simple sugars

Made without refined simple sugars, artificial colors, or artificial sweeteners, Hammer Gel is real endurance fuel - not candy! Hammer Gel gives you even, reliable energy, not the "flash and crash" of sugar-loaded products. Enjoy delicious Hammer Gel as your sole energy source, or combine it with other Hammer fuels.

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