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The Euphoric Experience of Fully Charged


The Euphoric Experience of Fully Charged

While euphoria generally refers to happiness, it derives from 'euphoros,' a Greek word that means 'healthy.'

What does this have to do with Fully Charged, Hammer Nutrition's extraordinary pre-exercise supplement? Quite a bit!

Given the numerous advantages you'll enjoy after taking Fully Charged prior to your workouts and races, one can't help but feel happy - euphoric even! - about the following athletic performance-enhancing benefits:

  • Boosting nitric oxide levels
  • Increasing mental alertness
  • Enhancing fat utilization
  • Buffering acidity
  • Stimulating the production of ATP
  • Alleviating muscular soreness

One athlete describes his experience with Fully Charged this way:

"I'm so excited to have Fully Charged in my toolbox! I run very early in the morning and this stuff helps me WAKE up and immediately gives me a smooth, confident readiness to take on the day's run. Out on the road, I feel alert, calm, and energy levels are UP. This product doesn't make you "jittery" or bloated, and is such a smooth, effective option for giving you that edge you're looking for EVERY day. I love it! I'll never leave home without it!" -Luke S.

We agree completely! With Fully Charged, you not only enjoy a significant boost in strength and endurance. You'll also feel invigorated, but not wired. Grounded, yet ready to take on whatever your training session or race throws at you. Focused and full of pure, clean energy.

The "healthy" part of Fully Charge's "euphoric experience" is due to the many nutrients in our product's carefully crafted formula that provide benefits for general health. For the euphoria, you'll be ecstatic knowing you have finally found a pre-exercise product that doesn't ruin your performance with negative side effects or copious amounts of caffeine or sugar, AND supports many areas of general health as well.

With Fully Charged, you have a product that will safely and effectively ramp up the quality of your workouts and improve your race results, while also providing some significant overall health benefits as well. Euphoria? You bet!

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